Air Fryer Reviews

We asked professional cooks to use the air fryer to get their thoughts! Of course we think air fryers are the best, but don't take our word for it. Here is a summation of of the reviews we received.

What do we want in a cooking appliance? We buy them because they make cooking either better, faster, healthier, or easier. After reviewing every type of appliance to see if anything does all four, none of them matched, except one of course. That being the air fryer! It's no wonder these have been flying in popularity lately.

A lot of people don't buy into air fryers for one main reason, how often do I fry something? That the best thing about this product. You can finally quickly and easily make any snack fried! No big mess afterwards either. You'll find yourself frying or deep frying everything in your place! From vegetables to meats, it makes it all the easier. The air fryer also preheats extremely quickly. Most of our dishes in our recipes section of our store cook from start to finish in less than 30 minutes.

A little secret about the air fryer is that it's absolutely perfect for frying already fried and frozen foods. Just throw them in, turn it on and they come out perfectly crispy.

You know how cheap potatoes are. Imagine chopping them up, dropping the smallest amount of olive oil on them and throwing them into the air fryer. 15 minutes later you have a cheap, delicious homemade snack that is perfect for the kids, yourself, or a social occasion.

So if you want an air fryer because you have a small kitchen, like quick and easy dishes, or want to start frying things without a mess. The air fryer is perfect for you.